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Standing as a classic uPVC windows design, casement windows stand out as a timeless and popular home improvement solution. We have brought this window design into the modern day with our market-leading profile.

Thermally efficent

The revolutionary profiles used in  liniar casement windows are far more thermally effiicent than traditional uPVC windows profiles. By removing the unnessary steel reinforcement, instead developing the latest in multi-chambered profile tecnology. We make sure the heat stay's where it belongs - in your home.

Cost Effectivness

The profiles used in the liniar casement windows deliver high enery savings for the home owners at cost effective prices. Liniar uPVC casement systems are capable of acheiving WER ( Window Energy Rating) A+12 with cost effective double glazing - and a U value as low as 0.8 with triple glazing.

British made

Liniar upvc windows frame are made from lead free PVC, which is exstruded in Derbyshire. The factory boasts the largest PVC mixing plant in the UK. This gives us the ability to be at the forefront of innovation.

Enviromently Friendly

As well as saving costs for the homeowers, Liniar casement window frames, have always been 100% kead free well in advance of regulations - better for you and your family. Furthermore, all elements of Liniar uPVC windows are fuly and easily recyclable at the end of there life.

Why choose Liniar?

Our casement windows comprise our multi-chambered uPVC profile, which works to trap in pockets of warm air and maintain the warmth in your home. Enjoy A+ rated standards, today.

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