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Classically detailed traditional designs.

French doors create a timeless and classic connection between your home and garden. Low maintenance and energy efficient, our fully sculptured PVC French Door framing system, emulates the traditional detailing of timber doors.

It combines this traditional design with multi-point locking and profile reinforcement, to deliver the highest standards in entrance door security. A choice of colours and finish, complementing its classic appeal.

  • Fully sculptured five chamber system achieving a top A+Window Energy Rating
  • Triple-glazed or double-glazed options
  • 23mm glazing rebate and 8mm overlap to deliver unrivalled weathering performance
  • Extensive choice of flat colour, painted woodgrain and traditional woodgrain effect low maintenance finishes.
  • Low threshold option

Energy Efficency

Heat lost through windows accounts for around 25 per cent of the total heat lost from your home.

Energy efficient windows and doors can cut this heat loss by up to 75 per cent. According to the Energy Saving Trust in a detached three bedroom home, this can equate to an annual saving over and above single – and in many cases, older double-glazed windows – of up to £160 a year in heating bills.

What you need to know.

There are two systems for rating the performance of windows and doors – U-values and Window Energy Ratings (WERs). Window Energy Ratings give windows a ranking from ‘A/A+’ to ‘G’ using a ‘traffic-light’ type colour code. To meet building regulations, all new windows must achieve a minimum WER ‘C’ rating or U-value of 1.6 or less.

Our energy efficient window and door system is built around a thermally efficient five chamber German engineered low maintenance PVC-U system. These chambers create a series of thermal barriers between cold air outside and warm air inside your home.

It’s also been designed to accommodate the most energy efficient triple-glazed insulated units. These deliver a top A++ British Fenestration Ratings Council, Window Energy Rating.

Security First

20 per cent of all burglaries in the UK are committed through an unlocked door or open window without the use of force, with the forcing of insecure doors and windows accounting for the rest.

Windows and doors play a critical part in the security of your home. The performance of your doors and windows will be defined by locking mechanisms and hardware but also your choice of window and door system.

Designing out the crime.

Our German-engineered energy efficient window and door system has been designed to help keep burglars out. It features local thickening of profile walls and where appropriate, steel reinforcement to increase resistance to attack. This also provides an improved fix.

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